Patrol Forms and Information

These forms should be used by the Patrol Leader and patrol members to organize and plan activities.

Patrol Leader's Notebook   PDF Document

This is the complete Patrol Leader's Notebook in Acrobat format. It includes the table of contents and all the supporting leadership information. You will also want to download the patrol and planning forms in Word format so you add your own patrol information.

Patrol Equipment Checklist   Word Document   PDF Document

Use this checklist to ensure that your Patrol has all your Patrol equipment in good condition before and after camping trips.

Patrol Roster   Word Document   PDF Document

The Patrol Roster is used to list telephone numbers and other information about each member in your Patrol. You can edit the Word version to add your Patrol members electronically.

Patrol Call Log   Word Document   PDF Document

The Patrol Call Log has a place for you to add each Patrol member and to record information you need to tell each member. It also has a place to take notes on who is coming to the meeting and the camping trip.

Patrol PLC Notes   Word Document   PDF Document

The Patrol PLC Notes page is designed for you to take notes during the PLC. The Senior Patrol Leader can use this form to fill out information before the PLC and give each Patrol Leader a partially filled out set of notes.

Patrol Weekend Duty Roster   Word Document   PDF Document

You record on the Weekend Duty Roster the jobs assigned to each Scout for a camping trip. The Roster must be posted in your Patrol site.

Patrol Menu Planner   Word Document   PDF Document

The Menu Planner is used to plan your menu for a camping trip. It must be filled out, turned in to the appropriate adult, and approved in advance of each camping trip.

Patrol GrubMaster List   Word Document   PDF Document

The GrubMaster prepares this shopping list based on the Patrol Menu and the number of Scouts going camping.