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Troop 497 - leaves for summer camp Thursday, July 20th

Check-in starts at 7:00 PM

Thursday evening, July 20th , will be the troop check-in evening. You may arrive any time between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. It will take approximately one hour to get everything done. Medications should be turned in at this time. At this time, we will check all paperwork, handle all final payments that may be outstanding, and complete the final checklist for all boys and adults. Please note that all unpaid fees will be due at this time including any outstanding dues amounts ($36.00 per year). It is also at this time that you may purchase Troop T-Shirts, pick up your name tags, and do final merit badge checks. We will NOT be collecting packed duffle bags on Thursday evening at this time as we have done in the past.

Arrive at the shed parking lot by 11:00 PM

Bring duffle bags, bus bags and everything else at that time.

Summer Camp Medical Forms 

ALL Medical Forms must be submitted to Mr. Reidler or Mr. Miller no later than 6 July for Summer Camp. The camp insists that all forms be received at least two weeks prior to arriving in camp.

Scoutmaster's Summer Camp Letter and 2017 Tips & Tricks

This is the Scoutmaster's Summer Camp Letter. It contains critical information for Scouts and parents about summer camp. Please read it carefully. Bring any questions to the June First Thursday or any troop meeting and we will answer them for you.

These Tips and Tricks contain information useful to Scouts and adults attending summer camp - especially if it is your first time. Learn what others might already know!

2017 Summer Camp – Camp Hinds

Troop 497 will be traveling to Camp William Hinds on Panther Pond in Raymond, Maine for Summer Camp 2017. Camp Hinds was founded in 1927 and is less than an hour outside of Portland, Maine. The Camp is located on over 300 scenic acres in the Sebago Lakes region of Maine.  The Camp offers a fabulous location and a variety of merit badge programs. 

Troop 497 will leave for Camp Hinds late in the evening of Thursday July 20th and the Troop will return on the afternoon of Sunday July 30th. More trip specifics, an itinerary of additional sightseeing stops and a detailed packing demonstration will be provided closer to departure date. Please mark your calendars now to attend this wonderful Summer Camp experience. All Troop 497 Scouts are expected to attend Summer Camp.