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Gear Preparation, 16 November, 6:45 PM

All patrol quartermasters must meet at the shed Thursday before the meeting to get their patrol gear ready for the backpacking trip on Friday.
There is an updated patrol gear list available on the forms page of this site.

Backpacking on the Appalachian Trail, 17-19 November

Our next camping trip is backpacking along the Appalachian Trail in Maryland. This is the only opportunity this year for you to complete the PASS backpacking requirement.The cost of the trip is $5 plus patrol food. Get your menus in to Mr. Michels. NO UNIFORMS FOR THIS TRIP - JUST BRING WHAT YOU NEED! We have to hike in about 1/4 mile in the dark to our campsite on Friday night. BE PREPARED!

We will all camp together on Friday and Saturday nights. On Saturday we will have two routes for backpacking. The longer route will be over ten miles. This route is for older Scouts and Scouts who need it for PASS. We will also have a shorter backpack, around 6 miles, for new and younger Scouts. We will all hike out together on Sunday morning.

This is a great opportunity for Scouts to experience backpacking like we do at Philmont and is done by many people in the mountains and parks. Scouts and adults carry everything they need for the weekend in their backpacks. We will camp along the trail. We will boil water for drinking and cooking. This is very different than car camping, which is what we typically do. On this trip, if you need something, you have to bring it - no one else is going to bring it for you! This means it takes more planning by adults and Scouts. Don't worry, the Seniors will provide instruction during the meetings before trip.

Adults should arrange ahead of time to sleep at least two adults per small tent. There is limited space for pitching tents along the trail. Don't purchase a pack for this trip - arrange to rent one from the troop or from another troop member. The troop has some backpacks available in several sizes for rent. The rental cost is $10 with a $20 deposit. Anyone willing to loan a backpack should contact Mr. Downs.

This document has the INFORMATION YOU NEED TO KNOW FOR THIS backpacking trip. It covers logistics about THIS trip, e.g., you have quarter mile hike into our camp on Friday night. It contains information about the food you should bring and how it should be packed. There is a list of patrol and adult group gear and a personal gear list including what should be in your pack and what you should be wearing. It also covers cleanliness in the woods.

These are the driving directions to all the locations for the trip.  There are lots of directions because we need to shuttle people between hikes and camping areas. Please familiarize yourself with directions before the trip. There will be annotated topographical maps showing road details, for use with the directions and for backpacking, available on Friday before leave. Bring your National Park Pass if you have one in the event we go to Harpers Ferry on Sunday morning.

DRIVERS: You might need room for the backpacks and gear for you and your passengers in your vehicle if we don't take a trailer on this trip; we will decide when we get closer to the date. Drivers and their passengers should be doing the same long or short hike so they stay together for the weekend. Don't mix long and short hikers in the same vehicle if it can be avoided.

Meet at the shed at 6:30. We don't have much to pack so we plan to be on the road by 7PM. Bring money for lunch on Sunday. Bring your pack ready to hike into camp on Friday night. Patrol food and gear will be divided Friday before leaving.

Assistant Scoutmaster Specific Training, 18 November

The Baltimore Area Council is offering Assistant Scoutmaster Specific Training on 18 November and 9 December. This 4 hour training course should be completed by all Assistant Scoutmaster who have direct contact with youth. You can find out more information at the Council's web site.

Summer Camp 2018 Planning Meeting: Tuesday, 21 November, 7:30 PM

Any adult who is considering joining us at Haliburton Scout Reserve in Canada in 2018 should come to this planning meeting. There are a lot of items to plan for this trip because we not only will be planning for the touring but for conducting the camp week. The troop does the entire program with adults conducting the merit badges and other rank advancements, doing the cooking, waterfront programs, and other items. The Seniors also plan and execute a week filled with activities for the scouts in camp. All adults going to camp will be expected to help out with the planning so join us at this meeting and contribute your ideas to making this a great camping experience for boys and adults. Location is TBD; time is 7:30 PM.

Thanksgiving Day, No Troop Meeting: 23 November

No troop meeting - enjoy the holiday with family and friends. 

Patrol Leaders Council (PLC), Thursday, 30 November, 6-7:30 pm

The next PLC will take place in the Parish Center, room 2B before the Troop meeting. Seniors should arrive at 6:00 pm; Patrol Leaders at 6:30. All patrols should be represented by their Patrol Leader or a designated substitute.

Youth Protection Training

All adult leaders are required to take the online Youth Protection Training each calendar year. If you have not completed the training in 2017 please do so now. We want all adults to have completed the training by 1 November prior to the troop registration process. It only takes about 20 minutes at my Scouting.

Venture Ski Trip, 26-28 January, Deposit due 16 December