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Susquehannock Camping Trip Photographs

Photographs from our first full Troop camping trip since March 2020 are available in our 2021 album. Click on Photographs in the menu, then on 2021 Events, and then on Susquehannock State Park to view them.

NEW!! The Troop 497 Covid-19 Activity Questionnaire will now be done ON-LINE!!

Please use the link below before all in-person Troop 497 Scout Activities. The information is the same as you have been providing in paper form, but now you can enter it from any computer or smart phone. All links to the paper forms will be replaced with the electronic version. Starting 4/23/2021, if you come to an activity with a paper form, we will ask that you go online and fill out the electronic version as well so that all of the information will be in one central repository. Please go to the online Troop 497 Covid-19 Activity Questionnaire prior to all in-person activities and follow the directions. Thanks for your cooperation.

First Thursday Path to First Class, 6 May In Person or Zoom Meeting depending on weather

The First Thursday meeting will either be in-person or on online depending on the weather. Check back Thursday morning of the meeting. If the Troop meeting is in person, then the First Thursday meeting will be in person. If the Troop meeting is via Zoom, then the First Thursday meeting will be via Zoom.

These classes are available to scouts that are working on the ranks of Scout, Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, and 1st Class and will be offered on the first Thursdays of the month only in-person or via Zoom Conferencing depending on the weather.  Scouts do not need to sign up in advance. For more information about the First Thursday Path to First Class program, call Mr. Jerry McClellan (410-236-4258).

We will need lots of help from the seniors, patrol leaders, older scouts and adults whether the meeting is in person or via Zoom.

In-person Meeting, 5:30-6:30 PM

When we meet in person, the First Thursday to First Class meeting will take place between 5:30 and 6:30 PM at the troop shed (outside). There will be a pizza dinner for participants from 6:30-7:00 PM. Please bring a chair.

Anyone staying for the meeting must complete the online Troop 497 Covid-19 Activity Questionnaire prior to the meeting. We will verify that it has been entered online upon arrival as we check your temperature. If it has not been filled out we will ask you to do so before you can participate in the meeting. Please arrive a few minutes early to allow time to take your temperature and verify your Covid-19 Questionnaire. You only have to complete one Covid-19 Questionnaire for both the First Thursday Path to First Class and the Troop meeting the same evening.

Zoom Meeting 6:00-7:00 PM

Please update your Zoom App to the latest version before joining the meeting.
Zoom Meeting ID: 838 8622 1034

Troop Meeting, Thursday, 6 May, 7:00 - 8:00/8:15 PM - In Person Troop Meeting

We will be meeting outdoors in the field behind the St Joseph School (the building housing the multipurpose room). The entry to the parking lot behind the school is just past the school building.

In case of inclement weather we will have a Zoom Troop Meeting. The decision will be posted on Thursday morning of the meeting.

Please update your Zoom App to the latest version before joining the meeting.
Zoom Meeting ID:
266 100 760

Patrol Leaders Council (PLC), Monday, 10 May, 7:00 PM - NEW DATE

Please update your Zoom App to the latest version before joining the meeting.
Zoom Meeting ID: 814 5966 1007

PLCs will generally be scheduled for the first Sunday of each month and start at 7:00 pm. Check the announcements for any changes. They should last about 1 hour.  All patrols should be represented by their Patrol Leader or a designated substitute. All Seniors are expected to participate. Adult Leaders are welcome to join the meetings.

Broad Creek, Camp Oest, Camping Trip, 14-16 May - In Person Camping

We have scheduled our next camping trip at Broad Creek Memorial Scout Reservation, Camp Oest, sites Granite Peak and Marble Hill. More details will follow.

SeaBase Swim Tests: May 22 and May 29, 1-2pm at Towson YMCA

Scouts should plan to bring masks and snorkels. Now is the time to buy these as well as anti-slip snorkeling socks (if desired).

Wilderness First Aid/CPR Training: Saturday May 15 and Saturday June 12

Any registered Troop 497 adult interested in Wilderness First Aid and CPR training training should contact Juan Garcia at

The training will take place at Juan Garcia's House at 31 Haddington Road, Lutherville.

2021 SeaBase Trip: Saturday, June 26 - Saturday, July 3

For those that have signed up for the 2021 SeaBase High Adventure Camp the trip will take place from Saturday, June 26 - Saturday, July3, 2021.

BSA Health Forms with Parts A,B, and C need to be returned shortly. The form can be found at this link.

Committee Meeting, Monday, 7 June, 7:30 - 9:00 PM

Please update your Zoom App to the latest version before joining the meeting.
Zoom Meeting ID: 398 703 538

2021 Northern Tier Trip Refunds

The Northern Tier staff notified Troop 497 that the Bissett location will not be able to accommodate United States Scouts/Leaders during the 2021 summer due to continuing pandemic related precautions.

The full amount of any Scout/Leader deposits for the Northern Tier trip have been refunded to participants family accounts for future use in Scouting activities. If participants would prefer to receive a check refunding Northern Tier deposit payments please contact Troop Treasurer, Kevin Shaffer, via email ( with a refund request including the dollar amount requested and mailing address. Please feel free to direct any questions or requests to Kevin Shaffer.

Sign Up for Advancement

There are now 3 ways to move forward with merit badges.

1. Thursday Path to First Class 2. Group Merit Badge Session Signup 3. Schedule a Counselor for a Personal Session

If you have questions email Mr. Grim at


Merit Badge Counselors

See the Resources page under the Information menu for list of merit badge counselors and additional information about working on merit badges.