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Annual Planning Overnight & Team Building, 16-17 August

On August 16 at 1:00 PM through August 17 at 11:30 AM the troop leadership will be holding its annual program planning meeting at the Scoutmater's home in Delta, PA. This is the same place that the water weekend is held. All patrol leaders and senior patrol members in the troop are expected to attend this very important planning session. This is where the entire next year’s program is designed and put together. If there is a very good reason which you cannot attend, you need to speak to the Scoutmaster before the meeting. If you are a patrol leader in this situation, then it is mandatory that someone from your patrol attend in your absence.

In preparation for this meeting, we ask everyone planning to attend this meeting to come PREPARED to discuss your patrol’s ideas and suggestions. Proper preparation for this meeting has a direct impact on your leadership requirement this term. We therefore ask everyone to come prepared with the following “Lists of Fives”. All patrol leaders should discuss these lists with your patrol BEFORE attending the meeting.
  1. List of Five most important things the troop needs to improve on in the next year.
  2. List of Five Places your patrol would like to go camping next year.
  3. List of Five Things your patrol would like to do on camping trips next year (activities, not games)
  4. List of Five Monthly Themes for Troop Meetings List of Five Special Troop Meeting activites
  5. List of Five Areas of the country the troop should look at for summer camp 2002.
Here is an excel spreadsheet for you to fill in to assist in the preparation of the lists. Email your completed spreadsheet to our Scoutmaster.

Next Troop Meeting is 6th September

Updated Youth Protection Training Now Available

An updated youth protection training is available for staff, leaders and parents (Youth Protection Y01). The training includes a three-module course and a Certification Test that all leaders will be required to complete by September 30, 2018.  View the instructions for taking the new course and login to your BSA account at to take the course. The course and test will take about 90 minutes to complete but can be completed a module at a time.