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Christmas Party, 20 December

Our annual Christmas Party will take place during the Troop Meeting on 20 December.   Patrol Leaders will call each patrol member by Tuesday with more information.

Help Needed to Decorate St. Joseph for Christmas, 15, 22, & 23 December

Christmas is upon us and the parish will be needing some helpers to decorate for Christmas. Your time will count to service hours for your Scout ranks.

We will be decorating on three different days:

  1. Saturday 12/15 at 9:15 to hang all the Pine roping on the exterior of the church and parish center and to set up the creche at Marys Altar.
  2. Saturday 12/22 at 9:15 to carry all the items to create the altar for mass in the MPR.
  3. Sunday 12/23 at 1 p.m. to help with all the decorating of the interior of the church.

Contact Jean Thompson and let her know you can help out or just show up. She will provide directions to everyone who helps out. Many thanks for any help you can give.

Gettysburg, Bull Roast, Backpacking, JL Training, and Senior Surprise Photos

Gettysburg, Bull Roast, Backpacking, JL Training, and Senior Surprise Photos are posted to album pages on this web site. If you have additional photographs you would like to contribute upload them to a file sharing site and send a link to the webmaster.

Amazon online purchases yield revenue for Troop 497

We hope you'll take advantage of a shopping tool that will keep you out of crowded malls while paying a dividend to Troop 497.  Best of all, it costs you nothing!

It's that simple -- here is additional information, including how to sign up, on our Resources page.

Camping at Rodney Scout Reservation, 11-13 January 2019

Our next camping trip is to Rodney Scout Reservation near Northeast Maryland: 11-13 January. We have sites: Fishermans, Wilderness, Lone Pine, and Windy Point. 

Here are directions. Remember your EZPASS for the tolls. Most vehicles will need to be parked at the Pathfinder Dining Hall except for unloading and loading.  Sign up to drive or contact Dean.
Check back for more information.

Venture Ski Trip, 25-27 January, openings still available

Philmont: 23 June - 5 July 2019 Openings still available

We have crew opportunities to Philmont for June 23rd-July 5th 2019, not including travel to and from.

Several prior announcements have been made about the Philmont trip for next year.

Your Scout must be at least 15 prior to the trip and must be able to attend the prep-hikes and shakedowns in advance of the trip. Those already slated to attend have been training but it is certainly not too late for jumping in on the experience. 

Please contact Roger Munn as soon as possible if you or your Scout are interested.