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Patrol Leaders Council (PLC), Thursday, 28 June, 6-7:30 pm NEW DATE

The next PLC will take place in the Parish Center, room 2B before the Troop meeting. Seniors should arrive at 6:00 pm; Patrol Leaders at 6:15. All patrols should be represented by their Patrol Leader or a designated substitute.

Committee Meeting: Tuesday, 3 July 7:30 PM

All adult leaders and parents are welcome to participate in the Committee Meeting. Committee meetings are generally scheduled for the first Tuesday of each month in the Parish Center, Room #2. Check the announcements each month for updates.

No Troop Meeting on 5 July - Enjoy your Holiday

First Thursday to First Class: 5 July, CANCELLED

No Uniforms at July Troop Meetings

No uniforms are required at troop meetings in July. Take this opportunity to clean your uniforms, update your patches, and make sure you have all of your uniform parts with your name on them. Make sure you find your name tag - it's part of your uniform. If this is you first summer camp a name tag will  be made for you.

Summer Camp Packing Demo, 12 July Troop Meeting

All Scouts, Parents, and Adults going to summer camp are encouraged to attend this Summer Camp packing demonstration. Learn what to bring and how to pack your gear for our trip to Haliburton from people who have been there several times before. Even if you have been to other summer camps you are bound to learn some tips unique to Haliburton. We'll be in Troop tents for the week, living on the shore of a lake, and being transported by pontoon boat and canoe - that's definitely different.

Recent Summer Camp Items

Copies of your medical forms and passport ID page must be turned in by 28th June. This is required so that we can organize this important information before our departure and provide the camp with the information they request. Please see the requirements in the MEDICAL and PASSPORT sections below. Turn in your completed forms to Mr. Andy Reidler, Mr. David Miller, or Mr. Kevin Shaffer at a Troop meeting.

BOTH parents or legal guardians must complete and sign our Consent Letter to a Allow Minor Child to Cross the U.S. Canadian Border in front of a notary. This letter grants permission for your child to travel with Boy Scout Troop 497 to Canada for summer camp with our Scoutmaster and Committee Chair listed as responsible adults. It is required for all minors whether a parent or guardian is on the trip or not.

This document contains confidential information and will not be posted or transmitted in electronic form. SIGN AND NOTARIZE THE CONSENT LETTER AT ANY TROOP MEETING OR AT CHECK IN. Notaries will be available at these times. BOTH PARENTS/GUARDIANS must sign the letter in the presence of the notary.

Website Reorganization - Where is all the Summer Camp Information?

We have added a menu item, Major Events, under Information. This page will contain consolidated information on major events so you only have to go to one location to get all the details. Currently it contains information on Summer Camp and Sea Base trips. We will still post new announcements to the announcement page for a while.

Updated Youth Protection Training Now Available

An updated youth protection training is available for staff, leaders and parents (Youth Protection Y01). The training includes a three-module course and a Certification Test that all leaders will be required to complete by September 30, 2018.  View the instructions for taking the new course and login to your BSA account at to take the course. The course and test will take about 90 minutes to complete but can be completed a module at a time.

Aquatics Supervision Courses, 7 July

When a BSA scouting unit plains an aquatic activity (swimming, canoeing, kayaking, white-water rafting, tubing, etc.) without a responsible outfitter or at non-BSA sites, it is strongly recommended that a person from that unit age 21 or older holds a valid Paddle Craft Safety and Swimming and Water Rescue Certifications. This training helps you obtain both these Certifications. The training is at Camp Saffran, Broad Creek Scouting Reservation. Read this flyer for additional information. The course limit is 30 so register on the BAC website here. Adults teaching aquatic merit badges or working on the waterfront this summer are strongly encouraged to take this training.