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No Troop Meeting on 18 April, Holy Thursday

Our next meeting is on 25th April.

2018 Summer Camp Video Available for Download Through End of April ONLY

The 2018 Summer Camp Video shown at the recent Court of Honor is available for download only through the end of April. It is a 1.1 GB file, which is why it will be available only in April, so download it on a high speed connection or when you have time to let it complete - probably around an hour. Click this link to download and choose save file - don't try to open it!

Patrol Leaders Council (PLC), Thursday, 25 April, 6-7:30 pm - NEW DATE!

The PLC will take place a week later in April because of Holy Thursday. The next PLC will take place in the SCHOOL LIBRARY before the Troop meeting. Seniors should arrive at 6:00 pm; Patrol Leaders at 6:15. All patrols should be represented by their Patrol Leader or a designated substitute. Canoeing Antietam Creek; Camping at Rohrback Campground: 17-19 May (Sites 8, 9, & 10).
Sign up to drive

Canoeing Antietam Creek:17-19 May

On our next camping trip we will be camping at Rohrback Campground Sites 8, 9, & 10. This is the same camping location we use when we tour the Antietam Battlefield. This time we will be canoeing Antietam Creek. We will start out with canoeing practice on flat water above the dam at Devil's Backbone. After getting more proficient in the canoes we will take them out above the dam and portage around the dam. We'll put the canoes back in Antietam Creek and paddle down to our take out just below Burnside Bridge which is walking distance back to our campground. We'll stop for lunch near one of the bridges we pass under and the lunch crew will meet us there with our lunches so we don't have to take them down the creek with us this year.

YOU MUST SIGN UP IN ADVANCE SO WE CAN RESERVE THE CORRECT NUMBER OF CANOES. There are only so many canoes available and we may run out of places. We will not be able to accommodate last minute sign-ups like we do on typical monthly camping trips. The cost of the trip is $50 for Scouts and Adults who will be paddling rented canoes. This trip is more costly then most camping trips because we have to rent the canoes and hire the outfitter.

More information will be available as we near the trip. If you would like to know more about the river trip check out our outfitter's web site, Antietam Creek Canoe.

Drivers are needed for this trip. Sign up to drive and plan to camp with us for the weekend. Sign up to drive at at Troop Meeting, or contact Dean directly. We will need to shuttle people as part of the trip. Check back for directions.

Troop 497 Annual Car Wash: 1 June (rain date 8 June) Forms available now!

The annual car wash is quickly approaching. Car Wash donation packets are available to the scouts at the Troop meetings if you have not received yours yet. If you do not receive your packet, you have two options, either go to the web site and print the forms, or contact Jeff Mann to arrange a pickup of your packet.

Please get started right away on getting sponsors. Each scout is expected to raise at least $200.00 in pledges and/or corporate sponsorships. The first $200.00 in pledges is split 50/50 between the troop and the scout family account. Every pledge over the first $200 goes to the scout’s family account, which can be used to pay for summer camp, monthly camping trips, and any supplies related to scouting. For every $25 in donations that each scout turns in each week, they will get one ticket for that week’s prize drawings.

We are in need of donations for the weekly prize drawings. The prizes can be anything you think the boys will like, from a $5.00 gift card to Dunkin Donuts, to the unused Christmas gift that is sitting in your basement, or a donation of your time. In the past families have donated prizes of “time” by sharing their personal passions/interests like fishing, sporting events, family games, and other similar activities. No prize is too small!

Please respond to Jeff Mann ( or 443-377-6699) to let him know if you are able to offer any prize donation. Please bring your prize donations to the weekly Troop meetings.

Thanks for helping motivate the boys on achieving their goal, and for helping to make this car wash a success!

2019 Summer Camp - Camp Blackhawk, Owasippe Scout Reservation, Twin Lake, Michigan

Adults contemplating going to summer camp (updated 28 February)

In addition to being a registered adult leader with a completed criminal background check there are Michigan requirements that ALL adults must have been completed more than 6 weeks before going to summer camp. DO THEM TODAY - DON'T PROCRASTINATE!

One form must be filled out online, printed, notarized, and sent by mail. It takes 5-6 weeks for the state to process the request. More information, including step by step instructions for that form, is available on our Information on Major Events web page.

General Information

Troop 497 will be traveling to Camp Blackhawk at the Owasippe Scout Reservation on the shores of Big Blue Lake in Twin Lake, Michigan for Summer Camp 2019. The Camp has roots and traditions dating back to 1911 while also providing a variety of water sports activities. Camp Blackhawk offers a full spectrum of outdoor programs as well as a generous selection of merit badge programs.

Troop 497 will leave for Camp Blackhawk late in the evening of Thursday July 18th and the Troop will return on the afternoon of Sunday July 28th. More trip specifics, an itinerary of additional sightseeing stops and a detailed packing demonstration will be provided as we get closer to departure date. Please mark your calendars now to attend this exceptional Summer Camp experience.

All Troop 497 Scouts are expected to attend Summer Camp.

The estimated cost for Summer Camp 2019 is $730 per Scout and $400 per Leader (subject to change based upon final transportation costs and activity itinerary).

Summer Camp 2019 Payment Schedule

To reserve spaces, enroll in selected merit badge programs and ensure proper trip planning please confirm your attendance and make deposits to the Troop Treasurer according to the following schedule:

Payment  Paid Amount
January 2019 $150  $150
February 2019 $150  $300
March 2019 $100  $400 (Leader Paid in Full at $400 tentative)
April 2019 $130  $530
May 2019 $100  $630
June 2019 $100  $730 (Tentative Final Amount)

PLEASE NOTE: The Camp assesses an additional late registration fee of $25 per participant for roster additions after April 2019. Please register for Summer Camp prior to April 15th and remain current with this payment schedule to avoid this additional charge.