Eagle Rank Forms and Links

These forms and Links should be used by Life Scouts pursuing the Eagle Rank. This page contains links to several Scouting sites which contain the official Scout forms and documents so that you get the latest versions of this information.

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Eagle Scout Application and Eagle Scout Project Workbook

Troop 497 Eagle Scout Check List   Word Document   PDF Document

Start with this document which provides guidance to obtain information and to complete the basic steps to advance from Life to Eagle. There are procedures in the checklist that are specific to Troop 497 so make sure you read this document. (7 September 2013). This document is being updated and a new version should be posted soon.

Baltimore Area Council Eagle Scout Forms Page

This is a link to the the Baltimore Area Council Eagle Scout Forms page. You will find most of the forms and documents you will need to complete your Eagle Scout application on this page. Two that you need are the Eagle Scout Rank Application and the BAC Eagle Information Form which replaces the Project Description Form. The checklist above will help guide you to selecting the items you need on this site.