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Scouts BSA Registration and YPT Information for Adults

Any adults planning to attend summer camp are required to be registered with the BSA.  Please begin the process now. Allow several weeks to complete the entire process - the background check takes the longest.  See the following adult leaders at a troop meeting for information noted:

Camp Jeffrey (Ben Delatour Scout Reservation) 2020 Leaders Guide

This is a link to the 2020 Leaders Guide for Camp Jeffrey at Ben Delatour Scout Reservation. We are staying in Camp Jeffrey. The guide contains a wealth of information about the camp for participating adults.

Camp Jeffrey Required Forms

Direct links to the forms required by Camp Jeffrey are listed below. Please note some forms are only required for adults and some only for Scouts. FYI, this is a link to the Forms Page for Camp Jeffrey at Ben Delatour Scout Reservation. This page contains links to the forms required by Camp Jeffrey.

Required forms for Scouts and Adults

BSA Medical Form for Scouts and Adult Leaders  

This is a link to the national Boy Scout site where you can download the current BSA Medical Form required for all BSA activities. An annual physical is required for everyone participating in events lasting 72 continuous hours, e.g., summer camp. You can read the instructions and download the Medical Form from the the BSA web site. Use the material in the section under "Are You Going to Camp?". Please submit two copies of your completed medical forms along with two copies of the front and back of your medical insurance card.

Challenge course (COPE), Climbing/Rappelling, Equine Activity, Shooting

Ben Delatour Scout Ranch recommends that all attendees that have registered or are considering participation in “high adventure” activities fill out the appropriate release forms for each activity prior to arrival at camp. These activities include, but are not limited to, Horseback Riding, COPE, Climbing and Cowboy Action Shooting. If you should find a Scout is on a “wait list” he should fill out the form in the event room becomes available for that activity while at camp.

Required forms for Scouts ONLY

Sunscreen Permission Form

Ben Delatour Scout Ranch is required to obtain permission from the parent or guardian to supply sunscreen to scouts. Download and complete this form. Attach a copy of this form to each copy of your completed medical form.

Immunization Record and Parent Authorizations

All Scouts attending Colorado camps are required by the Colorado Department of Early Childhood to have the Colorado Immunization record/ Parent Release form filled out completely. Download, complete, and provide two copies of the completed and signed form at check in.


All medications and instructions for administering them must be turned in to our Med’s leader, upon arrival at the Mulipurpse Room during check-in on Thursday evening. Please place them in a resealable plastic bag with the scout's name printed in large letters on the bag. Place a completed Troop Medication Form in the plastic bag. The Troop Medication Form is available in Excel File or  PDF Document. Please complete this form neatly to provide clear instruction to us. (If you use the Excel version please verify that it looks like the pdf. It may not appear correctly if using software other than Excel to edit it.) The Med’s Leader will keep track of and administer all medications as directed. The medicine must be in the original prescription container with the doctor’s name on the label.

Required forms for Adults ONLY

Leader’s Reference Form

All adult leaders attending Ben Delatour Scout Ranch summer camp must complete this Leader’s Reference Form. Due to State of Colorado Child Care Regulations, Adult Leaders in camp at any time must have a completed Adult Leader Reference form. Any adults arriving in camp, without this form completed will be asked to leave. Download, complete, and provide two copies of the completed and signed form at check in.

Required Forms for Other Events

Required forms for Scouts and Adults

Rafting Waiver  

This waiver must be completed for everyone participating in our rafting trip. Adults sign their own. Parents or guardians must sign for Scouts. Please print, add the requested information, sign, and turn in at check-in.

Required forms for Scouts ONLY

None at this time

Required forms for Adults ONLY

None at this time