Information on Major Events

2019 Summer Camp – Camp Blackhawk, Owasippe Scout Reservation, Michigan: 18 - 28 July 2019

Troop 497 will be traveling to Camp Blackhawk at the Owasippe Scout Reservation on the shores of Big Blue Lake in Twin Lake, Michigan for Summer Camp 2019. The Camp has roots and traditions dating back to 1911 while also providing a variety of water sports activities. Camp Blackhawk offers a full spectrum of outdoor programs as well as a generous selection of merit badge programs.

Troop 497 will leave for Camp Blackhawk late in the evening of Thursday July 18th and the Troop will return on the afternoon of Sunday July 28th. More trip specifics, an itinerary of additional sightseeing stops and a detailed packing demonstration will be provided as we get closer to departure date. Please mark your calendars now to attend this exceptional Summer Camp experience.

All Troop 497 Scouts are expected to attend Summer Camp.

The estimated cost for Summer Camp 2019 is $730 per Scout and $400 per Leader (subject to change based upon final transportation costs and activity itinerary).

Payment Schedule

To reserve spaces, enroll in selected merit badge programs and ensure proper trip planning please confirm your attendance and make deposits to the Troop Treasurer according to the following schedule:

Payment  Paid Amount
January 2019 $150  $150
February 2019 $150  $300
March 2019 $100  $400 (Leader Paid in Full at $400 tentative)
April 2019 $130  $530
May 2019 $100  $630
June 2019 $100  $730 (Tentative Final Amount)

PLEASE NOTE: The Camp assesses an additional late registration fee of $25 per participant for roster additions after April 2019. Please register for Summer Camp prior to April 15th and remain current with this payment schedule to avoid this additional charge.

Philmont: 23 June - 5 July 2019 Openings still available

We have crew opportunities to Philmont for June 23rd-July 5th 2019, not including travel to and from.

Several prior announcements have been made about the Philmont trip for next year.

Your Scout must be at least 15 prior to the trip and must be able to attend the prep-hikes and shakedowns in advance of the trip. Those already slated to attend have been training but it is certainly not too late for jumping in on the experience. 

Please contact Roger Munn as soon as possible if you or your Scout are interested.

2019 Philmont Payment Schedule

All Scouts and Leaders who have registered for 2019 High Adventure trips to Philmont are expected to remain current on the payment schedule for this exciting trip.

Please remember that total trip costs are tentative pending the final determination of all trip costs. Please make trip payments to the Troop Treasurer according to the following schedule:

Philmont 2019
(Self-Pay Airfare)
Philmont 2019
(Includes Airfare)

Payment Paid Amount Payment Paid Amount
Initial Deposit $100 $100 $100 $100
September 2018 $435 $535 $435 $535
January 2019 $300 $835 $565 $1,100
February 2019 $200 $1,035 $400 $1,500
March 2019 $200 $1,235 $200 $1,700
April 2019 $200 $1,435 $200 $1,900
May 2019 $200 $1,635 $200 $2,100