Current Event Forms

These are forms for current activities.

2018 Haliburton Summer Camp Forms

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This participation agreement must be signed (with no alterations) by each person participating in any Whirlpool Jet activity.  For any participant under 18 years of age the consent at the bottom of the agreement must be signed in advance by Parent or Legal Guardian. Completed forms should be turned in during checkin on the Thursday we leave for summer camp.
Copies of your medical forms and passport ID page must be turned in by 28th June. This is required so that we can organize this important information before our departure and provide the camp with the information they request. Please see the requirements in the MEDICAL and PASSPORT sections below. Turn in your completed forms to Mr. Andy Reidler, Mr. David Miller, or Mr. Kevin Shaffer at a Troop meeting.
Scouts and Adults will need a physical within 12 months of going to camp and provide two copies of their doctor signed BSA medical form and copies of the front and back of their insurance card in preparation for going to camp. There is a link on our Administrative Forms page of our website to the BSA site where you can read the instructions and download the current BSA Medical Form.  Use the material in the section under "Are You Going to Camp?". Here is a direct link to the same BSA medical web site.
Everyone traveling into Canada and returning to the US should have a passport book valid at the time of entry. An alternative is a passport card however it is only valid for land crossings (not airplanes) and is really designed as a convenience for people who cross frequently. We strongly recommend that everyone going on the trip carry a passport book. This is in case something happens and they have to return to the US quickly - they would be able to fly home from Canada. With just a passport card they would have to use a land crossing into the US before they could fly to Baltimore. Visit this US Department of State web site for information on obtaining a passport. Apply NOW, it takes time to obtain a passport and is much more expensive if you need it quickly. All Scouts and adult leaders will need to provide a copy of the identification (picture) page of your passport as backup.

Car Wash 2018 Forms

These are electronic versions of the car wash forms distributed at the Troop meeting. Use them to print extra forms or personalize them for you use by adding your name to the forms.

Weekend Camping Personal Clothing and Gear List  Word Document   PDF Document

This is a general weekend camping checklist for clothing and gear to bring with you.