November 7-8, 2020 - Camping at Broad Creek Camp Oest

This was our first overnight camping trip together since March. We had to cancel the camping trips in between, including our Summer Camp out west, because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. For the health and safety of everyone involved we followed the State and CDC guidelines for the trip.

We separated into Patrols for the weekend instead of having the whole Troop camp together. Two adults joined each Patrol and they camped, ate, did programs, and had fun together keeping separate from the other patrols. Some Seniors, additional troop leaders and parents were on the trip and they camped separately from the patrols. Five patrols, the Scorpions, Wolverines, Narwhal, Thunderhawks, and Cobra camped this weekend.

The remaining patrols, the Eagles, Sharks, Gnu, and Tigers were scheduled to camp at Susquehannock SP the following week. Unfortunately Coronavirus cases were surging to record levels in every state and we decided to postpone this trip for everyone's safety.

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