January 2020 - Camp Snyder, Haymarket, VA

Our first camping trip of the new decade was to Camp Snyder in Haymarket, VA. It was our first time at this Capital Council camp. The camp is on about 400 acres within minutes of I-66 west of DC. There are tent campsites in the woods but we stayed in two bunk houses that are used to house the youth staff during the summer. They have 14 bunk beds in the main room and two small rooms in the back with two bunk beds each for a total of 36 beds in each building. There is a nice kitchen area at one end of the main room and space down the middle of the room for tables and chairs. There was also a grass area adjacent to one building with room for the 11 tents adults set up.

The theme for the weekend was team building. The boys played a number of team games and team building activities. We also had a demonstration of flying drones by a very experienced FAA licensed remote pilot who is creating a drone program for the council.

The weather was not the best but we didn't let it curtail our activities. It rained off and on all day Friday so the camp was wet when we arrived and it continue to rain throughout the night. It was a warm January night with a low of only 48. Saturday temperatures reached into the 60s with rain on and off all day. A front camp through Saturday night bring strong winds the shook the tents as strong as any weekend at Assateague and continued all night. The low on Sunday morning dropped to 27°F - a 21°F difference from the previous morning.

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