January 2019 - Rodney Scout Reservation

The weather forecasters had been predicting snow over the weekend in the week preceding our camping trip to Rodney Scout Reservation. Sure enough, we had a clear cold night on Friday with plenty of stars visible for direction finding at night and temperatures down to 23ºF. Saturday started off with a nice yellow sunrise and bright blue skies. It started to cloud over around noon and the snow started around 8 PM. The temperature again dropped to 23ºF overnight.

We spent Saturday in camp participating in fire building competitions, firing rifles at the range, crossing the rope bridge we constructed early on Saturday morning, working to finish merit badges from summer camp, working on PASS, and hanging out. We erected two canopies on Friday night and completely enclosed 4 picnic tables. We fired up some propane heaters to warm the area and used it as an expanded area for eating and gathering since we had more people than could comfortably fit in Fisherman's Lodge.

It kept snowing lightly most of Sunday morning and by the time we left we had over 5 inches of fresh snow. It took a little longer to get out of camp than usual - 5 vehicles had to be pulled or pushed up some of the hills on the dirt road out of camp!

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