February 2019 - Camp Running Bear

The main event was  murder mystery. Someone killed the cook and the scouts had challenging events to complete for clues on who murdered the cook. You can see a lot of the events in the photographs below. Scouts also worked on rank and PASS requirements. Saturday evening we had a movie night and watched Ready Player One. Thanks goes to Mr. Reidler for bringing a great sound and video system. We also had 4 Webelos join us for the weekend.

The weather helped make for a very pleasant weekend outdoors at Camp Running Bear in Monkton, MD. For a change it did not rain or snow on us. We had a high temperature on Friday of around 60ºF before we arrived at camp. It dropped down to 28ºF by Saturday morning and warmed back to around 50ºF during the day with clear skies and plenty of sunshine. The moon was very bright Saturday but it was still possible for one Scout to find the north star and complete his direction finding a night PASS requirement.  It became colder on Saturday evening and reach a low of 19ºF early Sunday morning. Scouts and adults who slept in unheated accommodations earned 17 Texas Tough points if they camped both nights.

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The following photographs Copyright © 2019 Leo R. Charpentier. Creative Commons License BY-NC-SA 4.0

charpentier-20190216_090943.jpg charpentier-20190216_094629.jpg charpentier-20190216_094753.jpg
charpentier-20190216_094814.jpg charpentier-20190216_095321.jpg charpentier-20190216_095434.jpg
charpentier-20190216_095817.jpg charpentier-20190216_095859.jpg charpentier-20190216_101417.jpg
charpentier-20190216_102221.jpg charpentier-20190216_102345.jpg charpentier-20190216_102502.jpg
charpentier-20190216_102555.jpg charpentier-20190216_102807.jpg charpentier-20190216_102816.jpg
charpentier-20190216_102901.jpg charpentier-20190216_102930.jpg charpentier-20190216_103218.jpg
charpentier-20190216_104053.jpg charpentier-20190216_113116.jpg charpentier-20190216_113300_001.jpg
charpentier-20190216_120708.jpg charpentier-20190216_121925.jpg charpentier-20190216_121939.jpg

The following photographs Copyright © 2019 Deborah Herling. Creative Commons License BY-NC-SA 4.0

herling-0018.jpg herling-0022.jpg herling-0033.jpg
herling-0051.jpg herling-0074.jpg herling-0104.jpg
herling-0120.jpg herling-0122.jpg herling-0140.jpg
herling-0147.jpg herling-0162.jpg herling-0189.jpg
herling-0237.jpg herling-0240.jpg herling-0246.jpg
herling-0262.jpg herling-0265.jpg herling-0267.jpg
herling-0275.jpg herling-0302.jpg herling-0309.jpg
herling-0314.jpg herling-0316.jpg herling-0596.jpg
herling-0602.jpg herling-0604.jpg herling-0625.jpg
herling-0639.jpg herling-0666.jpg herling-0688.jpg

The following photographs Copyright © 2019 Kenneth Krach. Creative Commons License BY-NC-SA 4.0

krach-p2160476.jpg krach-p2160478.jpg krach-p2160480.jpg
krach-p2160484.jpg krach-p2160486.jpg krach-p2160501.jpg
krach-p2160502.jpg krach-p2160512.jpg krach-p2160516.jpg
krach-p2160517.jpg krach-p2160534.jpg

The following photographs Copyright © 2019 Adam Spence. Creative Commons License BY-NC-SA 4.0

spence-20190215_203919.jpg spence-20190215_203921.jpg spence-20190215_214004.jpg
spence-20190215_220156.jpg spence-20190215_224611.jpg spence-20190216_081636.jpg
spence-20190216_081654.jpg spence-20190216_090144.jpg spence-20190216_095434.jpg
spence-20190216_095446.jpg spence-20190216_095523.jpg spence-20190216_101339.jpg
spence-20190216_101511.jpg spence-20190216_102140.jpg spence-20190216_102217.jpg
spence-20190216_104143.jpg spence-20190216_104445.jpg spence-20190216_105448.jpg
spence-20190216_111427.jpg spence-20190216_111833.jpg spence-20190216_114649.jpg
spence-20190216_115247.jpg spence-20190216_115433.jpg spence-20190216_120010.jpg
spence-20190216_121528.jpg spence-20190216_121607.jpg spence-20190216_121954.jpg
spence-20190216_122751.jpg spence-20190216_142614.jpg spence-20190216_142718.jpg
spence-20190216_142801.jpg spence-20190216_144240.jpg spence-20190216_144807.jpg
spence-20190216_154447.jpg spence-20190216_183330.jpg