May 2018 - Calvert Cliffs State Park

We arrived in the rain on Friday evening. It had been raining buckets during part of the ride down and parts of our campsite were already flooded. Fortunately we had two large pavilions with concrete floors for the weekend. We moved tables to clear an area under one pavilion to set up tents under cover so they would stay dry on the inside. We set up all the scout tents and they carried them to the driest locations to stake down. It rained overnight but it slowed down and we had some breaks Saturday that allow us to do most of our planned program. We went for a walk on the beach and some people found fossils and shark teeth. It poured again for a while in the afternoon and the flooded areas expanded. Our new troop tents did great at keeping everyone's gear dry inside of the tents. This was also our first camping trip with LED lanterns instead of the gas lanterns and they worked great.

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