March 2018 - Hensen Scout Reservation

We camped at Hensen Scout Reservation in Rhodesdale, MD for the weekend. Hensen is about a 2 hour 20 minute drive from Cocekysville so we arrived around 9:30 pm. The campsites are spacious so we had plenty of room for all of our tents. The temperature kept dropping after we arrived and hit a low of 25ºF overnight.

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day for our game of Murder Mystery. It warmed up to around 50ºF during the afternoon while Murder Mystery continued and scouts worked on advancements. We had a fun filled campfire of songs and skits which included a very biased hanging judge. It dropped down to 25ºF again overnight. Sunday started off bright and cold. Even though we did not have rain or snow on this trip many of the tents were packed up wet because of condensation since many people forgot to open the tent vents.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend to be outdoors camping.

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