February 2018 - Rodney Scout Reservation

We camped at Rodney Scout Reservation in cabins heated by a fireplace or wood stoves, however, a few adults chose to sleep in tents. Overall, it was a warm and wet weekend.It was warm for February and dry when we arrived Friday evening. The temperature dipped to only 30ºF overnight. Saturday morning was foggy and overcast as Scouts headed to the rifle range to shoot 22 caliber rifles. Other scouts and visiting Webelos crossed over the rope bridge, learned several methods to start a fire without matches or a lighter, worked on advancement, and played a variety of games. Some of these activities continued inside or under canopies when the rain started around 1130. In the afternoon the older scouts put on a Dutch Oven cooking demonstration for the scouts and Webelos.

Saturday evening we crowded into our main cabin and enjoyed a movie night while it continued to rain outside. Water was flowing down the road and trails and where it pooled the ground became like a bog! It continued to rain most of the night and Sunday.

Most everyone was prepared for the rain and the heated cabins helped to dry out clothes during the day and overnight so it was still a fun filled weekend.

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