January 2018 - Venture Ski Trip

A crew of Venture Scouts and adult leaders spent the weekend of 27 January 2018 at Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania. It was cloudy all day on Saturday which helped protect the snow since the temperatures reached into the 50's. Temperatures this winter have been up and down and the week prior to our arrival the temperatures were up resulting in melting snow and the inability of the resort to make more. Everyone had a great time skiing and boarding on Saturday while the crew in the cabin kept everyone fed and happy. Some people went back out on the slopes on Saturday night while others partook of other activities at the resort. It rained most of Saturday night and we awoke the ski lifts across the parking lots were not visible (third picture in the top row). The ground fog burned off and people returned to the slopes. Unfortunately the rain made the snow very heavy and difficult to maneuver. We left around 1 pm and had a safe ride home. Mr. Palmer left early and is not in the group photograph.

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