February 2017 Rodney Scout Reservation

This was the winter camping trip that wasn't. Friday night was clear and cold when we arrived at Rodney Scout Reservation in North East, MD. Orion was dominating the night sky and so much brighter than in Cockeysville. The center of our camp was Fisherman Cabin heated by a fireplace. We also had Lone Pine and Windy Point bunk houses heated by wood stoves and Wilderness cabin, also heated by a wood stove, where Webelos who had joined us camped out.

The temperature dropped to 28°F overnight but quickly warmed to 68°F in the sun on Saturday. It was a beautiful day for building a monkey bridge, following an orienteering course through the woods, working on advancements and PASS, playing football and a variety of other outdoor games including cap;ture the flag after dark. It started clouding up on Saturday evening and the low of 45°F occurred around bed time. It warmed up to around 70°F during the morning.

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