December 2016 - Senior Surprise
Broad Creek Scout Reservation - Camp Dan Beard

We arrived Friday evening at Camp Dan Beard at Broad Creek Scout Reservation for our Senior Surprise Weekend. The temperature had already dropped and the skies were clear and full of stars. We set up camp in the moonlight and by flashlights and lanterns. The temperature dropped to an overnight low of 17°F. It was cold while cooking breakfast but by the time breakfast was over the sun was shining in camp and raising the temperatures.

The Seniors had Senior Surprise well organized and Seniors and Adults dispersed to set up and man their stations for the day's activities. You will see photographs taken at many of the stations below. It reached over 50°F in the sun by mid day. Senior Surprise activities continued into the afternoon and included shotgun shooting. There were two PASS meals cooked on fires and the rest of the Scouts cooked their dinners  over propane stoves. We enjoyed a campfire in the lodge after dinner and enjoyed a visit from Santa.

The coldest overnight temperature on Saturday, 15°F, occurred around 10 PM under clear skies. It clouded up overnight and warmed some. In the morning, the patrols continued with Senior Surprise activities including bowling and tomahawk throwing while we ha

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